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The websites that you can keep in your reading…

Global Technology Market Analyst Firm
Shuvankar Paul
1 sec read

Common Magento 2 XML Related Issue

Magento 2 Layout not Updated on Fronted Note : If you don’t found any logical error then, there will be a issue like when...
Shuvankar Paul
20 sec read

Most used Shell Command

Most used command related to Directory Command Description cd – Go to the last directory. Most Common used Directory Related Command Empty a file/...
Shuvankar Paul
28 sec read

Magento 2 Common Manual MySQL Query

Getting Number of Active Product in a Category
Shuvankar Paul
54 sec read

Some Manual Query in Magento 2

Change Product ID Magento 2 Change Magento 2 is on Manu Bulk
Shuvankar Paul
8 sec read

Magento 2 Module etc/module.xml What,Why & How. Declaration Format…

This is the First Step of Creating new Magento 2 Module.This is called Module Declaration module.xml Location In your Module, for example VendorName_ComponentName ModuleCreate...
Shuvankar Paul
1 min read

A Cook Book of Magento 2 Xml

Magento 2 Xml used Locations Configuration Files All those xml are used in component etc folder module.xml – Module Declaration events.xml – Modules Event...
Shuvankar Paul
8 sec read

Some Necessary MySQL task you need to know

Cloning a MySQL database to Another DB For details official documentation Copying MySQL Databases First you need to create a DB where the clone...
Shuvankar Paul
29 sec read

Some Necessary Article For Frontend Developer

Font Sizing Guide Photoshop Letter Spacing Photoshop to Letter Spacing CSS Converter :
Shuvankar Paul
6 sec read