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  Dhaka, Bangladesh Software Engineer, Strativ AB Magento eCommerce Website Development, Website Development Using Php and HTML and Cross-Platform application development using Appcelerator.


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RabbitMQ in PHP

Port 15672 vs 5672 Port 15672 for rabbitmq web interface.Port 5672 for rabbitmq client.
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Git Config Pull Setting

Git Config Pull Setting. git config pull.rebase false or git config pull.rebase true or git config pull.ff only or git fetch
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A Full Guide to Make Mac Environment for any PHP framework Developemnt

Mac is Shipped with some predefined tools for US PHP – will Depreciated in next MacOS release Apache You can check with Install Http...
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Disable Magento 2 Two Factor Authentication

In new Magento Version by Default Magento 2 Enable Two Factor Authentication, but if you work on localhost, then it is not useful for...
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Install MySQL in MacOS with Brew | Run Multiple MySQL Version with Separate Database

Home Brew MySQL install in Mac and run Multiple MySQL version with
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Remove Home-Brew MySQL Completely from MacOS

>> Please do take backup all DB Before Deleted MySQL service & Process Kill Check MySQL running or not brew services list if running...
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MySQL or MariaDB Mysqldump Single, Multiple & All Database Backup & Restore

According to MySQL official Documentation : The mysqldump client utility performs logical backups, producing a set of SQL statements that can be executed to reproduce the original...
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The websites that you can keep in your reading list

Global Technology Market Analyst Firm
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Common Magento 2 XML Related Issue

Magento 2 Layout not Updated on Fronted Note : If you don’t found any logical error then, there will be a issue like when...
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