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  Dhaka, Bangladesh Software Engineer, Strativ AB Magento eCommerce Website Development, Website Development Using Php and HTML and Cross-Platform application development using Appcelerator.


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Common Magento 2 XML Related Issue

Magento 2 Layout not Updated on Fronted Note : If you don’t found any logical error then, there will be a issue like when...
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Most used Shell Command

Empty a file/ delete content of a file Note : Taken from : Copy all the lines to clipboard CTRL+A means “Mark the...
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Magento 2 Common Manual MySQL Query

Getting Number of Active Product in a Category
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Some Manual Query in Magento 2

Change Product ID Magento 2 Change Magento 2 is on Manu Bulk
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Magento 2 Module etc/module.xml What,Why & How. Declaration Format & Explanation

This is the First Step of Creating new Magento 2 Module.This is called Module Declaration module.xml Location In your Module, for example VendorName_ComponentName ModuleCreate...
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A Cook Book of Magento 2 Xml

Magento 2 Xml used Locations Configuration Files All those xml are used in component etc folder module.xml – Module Declaration events.xml – Modules Event...
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Some Necessary MySQL task you need to know

Cloning a MySQL database to Another DB For details official documentation Copying MySQL Databases First you need to create a DB where the clone...
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Some Necessary Article For Frontend Developer

Font Sizing Guide Photoshop Letter Spacing Photoshop to Letter Spacing CSS Converter :
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Create Multiple Channel on YouTube Under Same Account

Can we create multiple channel under same account? Yes! It’s very simple just need go for the next couple of images, you can do...
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