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  Dhaka, Bangladesh Software Engineer, Strativ AB Magento eCommerce Website Development, Website Development Using Php and HTML and Cross-Platform application development using Appcelerator.


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Customer Account Link on Shopify Storefront

Go to Admin Panel in Bottom Section you will found "Setting". Then Click on Checkout. Then Customer Account section select option list.
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Shopify Development : Developer Guideline

IDE Support Shopify PHPStorm Support Enabling Liquid templating syntax highlight in webStorm/phpStorm By default no plugin is available on marketplace for Shopify Liquid theme...
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Getting Country from Country Code in Magento 2

In Magento 2 you can easily get Country Name from Directory There are many way for example factory method, model method by directly from...
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Error Let’s Encrypt SSL Certification in Webmin/Virtualmin

Somethings very bad if you are a fan of Virtualmin/Webmin and Let’s Encrypt SSL Because Virtualmin use the ACME v1 but Let’s Encrypt will...
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Bulk Replace Product SKU in Magento 2

The below code and content is tested in Magento 2.3.X Sometimes you need to update the SKU in bulk process, but I will recommend...
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How to Remove or change .html suffix from URL in Magento 2

Remove or change .html from Magento 2 Catalog (Product & Category) URL for Google Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. In short Custom suffix in...
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Details About Markdown Cheatsheet and How to Use them

Heading 1 Heading 2 Heading 3 Heading 4 Common text Emphasized text Strikethrough text Strong text Strong emphasized text Named Link and or heading-1 Table, like...
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Amazon EC2 Machine Possible Issue

EC2 Machine working but site not showing Possible issue: Apach2 or Nginx server not working You need to login to the server with putty...
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Common Useful Tools & Utility for Linux Server

htop What is htop? htop is an interactive system-monitor process-viewer and process-manager. It is designed as an alternative to the Unix program top. It...
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Common Software install from Command line in Ubuntu

Before goes to Action, the command question that may on your mind why we use command line for install software.Answer is it’s download all...
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