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  Dhaka, Bangladesh Software Engineer, Strativ AB Magento eCommerce Website Development, Website Development Using Php and HTML and Cross-Platform application development using Appcelerator.


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The websites that Every Developer Should go at least a single time

Software & Technology Used by Top Company Data Science Inspection Online Editor
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Configure Xdebug with PhpStorm & Chrome in Ubuntu or Windows & Run PHP Framework like Laravel, Magento 2 & WordPress or others

Hello Tech Lover, If you are use PHP, then you may hear the terms Debugging. Debugging is the process of finding and fixing software...
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Cookbook of PHP CLI Tutorial, Resource all Common Issue & Solution

What is CLI PHP PHP CLI stand for PHP Command Line Interface All all the command you need to run Command View CLI PHP...
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Cookbook of VI (VIM) Editor Resource all Common Issue & Solution

All about cursor move to lines Note : All command are in Upper case, O => Shift+o or H => Shift+h and 1G =>...
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Basic SEO Task to After Launching a Website

Configure Site with Google Add in Google Webmaster Add in Google Search Console Add in Google Tag Manager Place google tag manager in Website...
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Most Common Git Issues & Solution

Git global setup Git Specific Repository Setup After Creating new Branch git checkout to new Branch not working For Example, you have only one...
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Setting Up Magento 2 minimal & optimize environment in Ubuntu

Setting Up Magento 2 minimal & optimize environment in Ubuntu including PHP, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, PHP Extension, Composer, Folder Permission & Users
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