A Cook Book of Magento 2 Xml

Magento 2 Xml used Locations Configuration Files All those xml are used in component etc folder module.xml – Module Declaration events.xml – Modules Event...
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Some Necessary MySQL task you need to know

Cloning a MySQL database to Another DB For details official documentation Copying MySQL Databases First you need to create a DB where the clone...
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Some Necessary Article For Frontend Developer

Font Sizing Guide https://haltersweb.github.io/Accessibility/font-sizing-and-contrast.html Photoshop Letter Spacing https://benmarshall.me/convert-photoshop-letter-spacing-to-css/#photoshop-to-letter-spacing-css-converter Photoshop to Letter Spacing CSS Converter : https://codepen.io/bmarshall511/pen/yxJQwJ/
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Create Multiple Channel on YouTube Under Same Account

Can we create multiple channel under same account? Yes! It’s very simple just need go for the next couple of images, you can do...
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Getting Country from Country Code in Magento 2

In Magento 2 you can easily get Country Name from Directory There are many way for example factory method, model method by directly from...
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Details About Markdown Cheatsheet and How to Use them

Heading 1 Heading 2 Heading 3 Heading 4 Common text Emphasized text Strikethrough text Strong text Strong emphasized text Named Link and http://www.google.fr/ or http://example.com/ heading-1 Table, like...
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Common Software install from Command line in Ubuntu

Before goes to Action, the command question that may on your mind why we use command line for install software.Answer is it’s download all...
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Install and Configure Varnish Cache

Build dependencies on Debian / Ubuntu If you want to installed varnish from source then you have to make sure you have installed the...
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Magento 2 Tech Stack

Web servers Apache 2.2 or 2.4 nginx 1.x Cache Storage Redis (Session, blocks & page cache) Varnish (caching static contents)
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Configure Xdebug with PhpStorm & Chrome in Ubuntu or…

Hello Tech Lover, If you are use PHP, then you may hear the terms Debugging. Debugging is the process of finding and fixing software...
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