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Cookbook of VI (VIM) Editor Resource all Common Issue…

All about cursor move to lines Note : All command are in Upper case, O => Shift+o or H => Shift+h and 1G =>...
Shuvankar Paul
18 sec read

Basic SEO Task to After Launching a Website

Configure Site with Google Add in Google Webmaster Add in Google Search Console Add in Google Tag Manager Place google tag manager in Website...
Shuvankar Paul
5 sec read

Most Common Git Issues & Solution

Git global setup Git Specific Repository Setup After Creating new Branch git checkout to new Branch not working For Example, you have only one...
Shuvankar Paul
25 sec read

Setting Up Magento 2 minimal & optimize environment in…

Setting Up Magento 2 minimal & optimize environment in Ubuntu including PHP, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, PHP Extension, Composer, Folder Permission & Users
Shuvankar Paul
3 sec read